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Nature & Environment

*  American River Natural History Association
*  California Native Grass Association
*  California Native Plant Society - Sacramento Valley Chapter
*  California Wilderness Coalition
*  Community Alliance with Family Farmers - Building a movement of rural and urban people to foster family-scale agriculture that cares for the land, sustains local economies and promotes social justice.
*  Davis Farm to School Connection - Dedicated to teaching our students healthy nutrition habits, personal responsibility, environmental stewardship and community awareness.
*  Davis Permaculture Users' Group - Permaculture encompasses the design of human settlements and the systems that support them: energy, construction, natural resources, business, food, urban and rural planning, wilderness.
*  Davis South Campus Superfund Oversight Committee
*  Friends of the Davis Arboretum
*  Institute for Ecological Health - Addresses major land issues with a focus on Central California
*  Noise Free America - Devoted to fighting noise pollution
*  Northern California Solar Energy Assoc - A grassroots volunteer-based education and advocacy group dedicated to accelerating the use of solar energy technology. Celebrating 30th anniversary in 2005.
*  Quail Ridge Wilderness Conservancy - A nonprofit, public benefit land trust dedicated to wilderness preservation.
*  RISE - Recycling is Simply Elementary - The RISE Partnership - a partnership to reduce waste in the Davis elementary schools by 50%.
*  Sierra Club, Mother Lode Chapter
*  Tree Davis - TREE Davis' mission is to enhance the Davis urban forest while educating area residents, businesses, schools, and other organizations on the value of trees in our community.
*  Tuleyome - Protecting the agricultural and wild heritages of the Putah Creek and Cache Creek watersheds and associated regions.
*  Water Resources Association - Yolo County Water Management
*  Yolo Audubon Society
*  Yolo Basin Foundation
*  Yolo County Resource Conservation District
*  Yolo Land Trust - The Yolo Land Trust is dedicated to preserving the farmland and open space of Yolo County, California.
*  Yolo Slow Food Convivium - Members of a convivium get together or put on events several times a year, such as a tasting or dinner at which local products are tasted, enjoyed and discussed.
*  Yolo/Solano Air Quality Management Dist.

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