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Changing Your Website's Appearance

Learn how to use a few simple steps to change the visual theme of your website, add a graphic logo to the banner, or alter the layout of various components. It's easy, even if you don't know HTML or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)!

(Search inside the Changing Your Website's Appearance section.)

Changing your website's appearance with a stylesheet (CSS)

Learn how to use a few simple steps to change the appearance of your website. Either select from one of our palettes or use your own custom stylesheet (CSS). Also learn basic steps in integrating your graphic logo with your stylesheet.

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Arranging the layout of your SimpleSite

Learn how to turn on/off options governing the layout of your website.

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Altering the way news/events are displayed

Besides the stylesheet and the layout, changing the way news and events are displayed will also alter the website's appearance.

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