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Tutorial Videos

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Alphabetical listing (by title) of tutorials with video.

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Add a Facebook Box to Your SimpleSite - How To (video)
Facebook Boxes provide a way of connecting your site to your organization's Facebook page. If you've already created a Facebook page for your organization, adding a Facebook Box to your site is a simple, two-step process.
Add a Footer to Your SimpleSite - How To (with video)
How to create a text that will display at the bottom of every page.
Add a Video to Your SimpleSite Without Embedding - How To (video)
This method of adding a video to your SimpleSite is easy whether you want to add a single video or organize several as a list. No knowledge of coding is required.
Change a SimpleSite's Visual Theme Using a Stylesheet From DCN's Gallery - How To (video)
Change Administrative Password in Mailman - How To (video)
Embed a Video In Your SimpleSite - How To (video)
There are two ways to add a video to your SimpleSite. Embedding is one of them. No knowledge of coding is required.
Log In and Log Out for SimpleSites - How To (video)
Learn how to log in, log out, and how to retrieve your password.
Manage Folders on Your SimpleSite - How To (video)
This tutorial demonstrates how to manage your folders using the adding of minutes (in PDF format) as an example.
Tutorial Videos
Alphabetical listing (by title) of tutorials with video.
Using your own custom CSS and graphic logo (include video tutorial)
How to change the appearance of your SimpleSite with a few simple steps.
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