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Burial Eligibility

Any of the following satisfies eligibility requirements for burial in the Davis Cemetery:

  • decedent is a resident or taxpayer of the District
  • decedent owns burial rights in the cemetery*
  • decedent is a family member of a District resident or taxpayer*
  • decedent is a family member of a person already buried in the Davis Cemetery*
  • decedent is a family member of a former resident or taxpayer of the District who owns burial rights in the District
  • decendent was a resident or taxpayer of the District whose residency was established for 5 consecutive years, some of which was within 10 years of death of applicant*

* a non-resident fee MAY be assessed

Our Tier 1 District boundaries include Davis but do not exactly coincide with city boundaries. Tier 1 boundaries includes El Macero and certain outlying areas. Tier 1 residents support the District with a small portion of their property taxes.

Our new Tier 2 boundaries extend east and south from our Tier 1 boundaries to the Yolo County line, thus including the towns of West Sacramento and Clarksburg. Since Tier 2 residents do not contribute property taxes to the District, there is an additional $250 Tier 2 charge above our Tier 1 rates. Any Tier 2 resident meets the residency requirements for District burial.

If you have any questions, please call us and we will help you to determine eligibility. Thank you.

Davis Cemetery District & Arboretum

820 Pole Line Rd.
Davis, CA 95618
PHONE 530-756-7807 FAX 530-756-7850
e-mail: cemetery@dcn.org