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Rules & Regulations

Davis Cemetery - Rules and Regulations The absolute control of the cemetery grounds in every particular is vested in the Board; interment rights owners and others are entitled only to such privileges within the grounds as are provided by these rules and regulations. The following rules regulating the general care of graves and cemetery grounds are intended to provide a safe and secure setting for cemetery visitors.

  1. No person shall plant any plant material on cemetery grounds. Donations of plant materials are acceptable; such plant materials will be selected and planted under direction of the Superintendent.
  2. Flower vases shall be set in the ground (not in the concrete border), flush with the ground and 1" minimum from marker. Any optional setting must be authorized by the Superintendent. No “half set” vases are allowed.
  3. Flowers may be placed only in cemetery vases as above, or if not available, in unbreakable containers placed at the head of the grave. Flowers in such temporary containers are subject to removal and disposal by District personnel. No planting is permitted in any vase.
  4. Mosquito gel is required in all vases and containers, both temporary and permanent, for the purpose of mosquito control. Gel may be obtained free of charge from cemetery staff. Any container capable of holding water and not containing such gel is subject to removal by cemetery staff.
  5. No person shall place or pour sand, gravel, rocks, cement, casting plaster, or metal of any kind in vases, cans, or flower containers because of hazards to equipment and public safety. Violations are subject to removal by cemetery staff.
  6. Flower restrictions: Natural and artificial flowers are permitted all year. If flowers exhibit discoloration, fading, deterioration, or are out of season, cemetery employees will remove and dispose of them. Every reasonable effort will be made to care for flowers and containers placed on graves but neither the Cemetery District nor any of its employees will be responsible for anything of a moveable character that may be lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged.
  7. No person shall place on any grave statues, toys, boxes, globes, shells, cans, jugs, bottles, rocks, pebbles, breakable objects, bric-a-brac of any description or any other object unless approved in advance by the Superintendent. The District reserves the right to reject or remove any temporary or permanent items deemed inappropriate by the Superintendent.
  8. No person shall gather flowers nor disturb the growing plants on any plot for which they do not hold burial rights. Children are not to climb monuments and must be under the control of a supervising adult.
  9. Except in the excavation for the completion of a burial, no person shall displace any earth or in any way damage the cemetery grounds or leave any grass, earth or rubbish of any kind. Dead flowers, discarded mosquito gel, and other rubbish must be placed in containers provided for that purpose.
  10. If any tree, shrub, plant or vine situated on any plot shall, by reason of roots, branches, height, or shade become detrimental or unsightly to adjacent plots, paths, streets or cemetery grounds, the Superintendent, or any other person authorized by the Board, may enter upon such plot and remove or trim such tree, shrub, plant or vine as deemed necessary.
  11. Any burning of incense or any combustible material shall require advance approval of the Superintendant. No combustible materials shall be left on a grave or elsewhere on the cemetery grounds.
  12. Cemetery memorial marker physical dimensions will be governed by the Monument Regulations table. All markers must be a minimum 3" thick or set into 5” thick concrete foundation. Memorial markers shall be made of granite, marble, U.S. Standard bronze, or other material approved by the Superintendent. The Board, however, reserves the right to review and allow or disallow markers of other kinds and character upon prior written application by burial rights holders.
  13. The District is not liable for damage, theft, vandalism or deterioration of markers.
  14. Markers are to be set by cemetery or regular monument company employees only. The thickness of the cement foundation is to be determined by the Superintendent. The maximum number of markers per casket plot will be limited to two (2). Markers will be placed at the west end of a casket plot. Markers on cremation plots will be placed according to the existing layout of area. Raised markers are permitted on select sites at the discretion of the Superintendent and upon payment of appropriate height surcharges.
  15. The District reserves the right to reject placement of a gravestone for either symbology or verbiage deemed inappropriate by the Superintendent. All final monument etchings must be pre-approved by cemetery staff before placement.
  16. No marker will be permitted which might mislead the public into believing that remains are interred in a particular plot when, in fact, they are not. Such "memorial only" markers must bear some inscription indicating the there are no interred human remains associated with said marker. Birth and death dates of individual being memorialized must appear on marker.
  17. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to make improvements to any grave and/or plot in any portion of the Cemetery grounds at any time at the cost of the District.
  18. The District reserves the right to control ALL aspects of marker and monument setting, ie. location, position, orientation, concrete borders, flower vases etc.

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