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Minutes from Meeting 5/4/06

Meeting Summary CPW Residents’ Association Board Thursday, May 4, 2006 David Kane’s house

Present: All five members of the CPW board were present: Sabrina O’Hanleigh, David Kane, David Ogrydziak, Esther Polito, and Susan Walker.

Sabrina called the meeting to order at 8:15 pm. Esther volunteered to take minutes.

Working agenda: Short term goals, jobs/roles, recognition by city, future meeting dates, Davis Coalition Meeting report.

Short term goals: Board members reviewed tasks that were discussed at the bylaws meeting, including getting loud parties under control, Picnic Day problems, holding a forum to review development proposals, and dealing with garbage problems. David Kane read the objectives from the bylaws, which are the Association’s long term goals. Board members agreed by consensus that the association should strive for good communication with the city and the neighborhood residents. To that end, the board agreed to take on two tasks immediately:

1) To write the City Council a letter acknowledging appreciation to Officer Pytel and the many members of the Davis PD who assisted with Picnic Day in the neighborhood. The letter will be both a way of saying thanks and a reminder to the city that we need to continue to work together before and during the annual event. Susan agreed to draft the letter, Sabrina will review first and then send it to the other board members for comment before sending to City Council.

2) To seek formal recognition from the city as a Neighborhood Residents’ Association. Recognition will allow the CPW board to hold meetings in a public place Hattie Weber Museum making it much easier to neighbors and others to attend and provide input. (The city also assists by copying agendas, flyers, and by mailing surveys, which would save the association a lot of money.) Sabrina and David Kane agreed to set up an appointment with City Manager Bill Emlen to discuss this issue.

Sabrina advised the Board that she has been in contact with Barb Beals, a resident on the east side of B Street (outside CPW boundaries) regarding a noisy party house on Barb’s side of the street. Barb would like to know if CPW could help her with noise problems. By consensus, Board members agreed that we can help individually, but we can’t expand the association boundaries to represent Barb. However, the board could hold a “Downtown Residents Forum” on common interest problems, party problems being at the top of the list. All residents of Old North, Old East, downtown, and CPW would be invited. Board members supported investigating ideas for a fall forum. Esther will contact PD Officer Darren Pytel to discuss the possibility.

The Board agreed to continue discussing tasks and short term goals at the next meeting. Susan reported on the Davis Neighborhood Coalition meeting that she attended on May 3rd. Topics at that meeting were the Target proposal and Measure G, among others. No one Board member was able to volunteer to attend future Coalition meetings on behalf of the Board. Sabrina agreed to advise the Coalition that the CPW Board is very interested in promoting communication with other neighborhoods, but must commit our resources to setting up the organizational structure at this time. Sabrina will continue getting Coalition email information, and pass it along to CPW members who might want to attend as individuals.

Next CPW Board meeting: Thursday, June 15, 7:30 pm at Esther’s house (339 University Avenue). We welcome you all to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Esther Polito

Email: centralparkwest.davis@gmail.com