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Minutes from Meeting 6/8/06

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Minutes from Meeting 6/8/06

Meeting Summary CPW Residents’ Association Board Thursday, June 8, 2006 Esther Polito’s house

Present: All five member of the CPW board were present: President Sabrina O’Hanleigh, Board members David Kane, David Ogrydziak, Esther Polito and Susan Walker.

Sabrina called the meeting to order at 8:25 pm.


  1. Picnic Day thank you letter to Police Department
  2. Report on meeting with city manager and next steps towards requesting recognition from city
  3. Status of correspondence with Neighborhood Coalition
  4. Planning: communications and events

Meeting Summary

  1. Letter to PD: Sabrina reviewed the draft letter. Esther moved, and David K. seconded, a motion to send the letter as soon as possible. Motion passed unanimously. Sabrina will send copy to city manager and city clerk. When letter is complete, Esther will create a PDF file for posting on the CPW web site.
  2. Meeting with City Manager: Sabrina and David K. reported that they had met with Bill Emlen. They reviewed the organization’s history and asked for official city recognition. Bill Emlen said he would speak with Parks and Community Services staff members (Director Donna Silva and Community Partnership Coordinator Anne Brunette) before making a decision whether city recognition for the resident association is appropriate. The board briefly discussed the benefits of recognition, particularly having a free public meeting place so that anyone interested in the organization can easily attend meeting. David K. offered to phone Bill to find out the status of the request. Next steps will be decided at the July meeting.
  3. Status of communication with Neighborhood Coalition: By consensus, board members agreed that we should ask the NC to use our google email address rather than send messages to individuals. Sabrina will forward the request to the NC. David K. monitors with google mail account, and will forward any pertinent messages to board members.
  4. Planning: Communications and events.
    1. Annual meeting: Board briefly discussed the next annual meeting. Consensus was to plan for a fall date, possibly in October. David O. initiated a discussion about agenda items for the meeting. Consensus was that developing a list of neighborhood concerns would be the main focus. Members agreed that involving student neighbors actively might be difficult, but that the board should strive to keep them informed via email. Therefore, getting email addresses of more neighbors is a high priority. The board agreed to develop a flyer to encourage participation, whether by attending the meeting or by being added to our email list. Susan volunteered to develop an outline of what would be in the flyer. Esther will check Central Park availability. Sabrina and Susan will develop a schedule for the annual meeting.
    2. B Street Visioning: Board members discussed the upcoming activities related to the draft EIR which will be completed soon. Esther moved, and Susan seconded, a motion to work actively to encourage neighborhood participation. Motion passed unanimously. Esther will find out the relevant public meeting dates from Planner Sarah Worley. The board will develop a simple announcement encouraging neighbors to become informed and involved in the decision making. The format for the announcement will be decided by email, once the board has a better idea of the schedule.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 pm. The next board meeting will be on Thursday, July 20th, place TBD, either David Ogrydziak’s house or Susan Walker’s apartment.

Respectfully submitted,

Esther Polito

Email: centralparkwest.davis@gmail.com