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Minutes of Board meeting 7/20/06

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Minutes of Board meeting 7/20/06

Meeting Summary CPW Residents’ Association Board Thursday, July 20, 2006 David Ogrydziak’s house

Present: All five member of the CPW board were present: President Sabrina O’Hanleigh, Board members David Kane, David Ogrydziak, Esther Polito and Susan Walker.

Also present were residents Mike Harrington, Rob Roy and Willa Pettygrove.

Sabrina called the meeting to order at 6:25 pm.

Agenda: 1. Target: Mike Harrington and Rob Roy will update the board on the Target project and plans for community involvement.

  1. Central Park gardening project: Willa Pettygrove
  2. City recognition project: Report from David Kane, next steps
  3. West Nile information
  4. Annual meeting: Continued planning

Meeting Summary

  1. Target: Mike and Rob Roy reported that a group of citizens is meeting regularly to discuss the Target project from a neighborhood perspective. Mace Ranch Neighborhood Association is actively opposing Target. Mike and Roy asked whether the board could send a representative. No board members volunteered, in large part because of the time commitment needed. Discussion continued, with the board focusing on whether neighbors would be interested in sponsoring a forum on the pros and cons of the Target proposal. Other ideas were discussed, such as disseminating basic information to neighbors to encourage them to get informed. In the end, the board agreed to send an email to see if there is neighborhood interest in sponsoring of forum. If there is, Esther agreed to head up organizing the event. Mike and Rob were encouraged to come to future board meetings with updates.
  2. Central Park gardening project: Willa reported that the Master Gardener group has recently gotten permission to oversee the design and renovation of the garden area along B Street in Central Park. The city and Farmer’s Market will also be involved. Fund raising will begin this fall. Willa was encouraged to announce the project at the annual meeting, and the board agreed to distribute basic project information as part of a meeting packet.
  3. Status of City recognition: Dave Kane reported that city manager Bill Emlen has decided to leave in place the city’s decision not to recognize the association. Dave expressed to the city manager the board’s frustration that city staff did not follow through with assistance in forming an association that met the city’s “inclusive” model (residents and non-resident property owners) after several outspoken property owners asked the city to refuse to help. No further action was agreed to at this time relating to recognition. Esther will get a copy of the city’s fee waiver application to see if fees can be waived so that the association can use Hattie Weber Museum for monthly meetings.
  4. West Nile information Board agreed by consensus that CPW does do not have the funds to print the door hangers designed by the county health dept., but Dave Kane will continue to forward to the neighborhood email list all bulletins received at the CPW email site.
  5. Annual Meeting Planning By consensus, board agreed to hold the annual meeting on Sept. 16th in Central Park. Picnic will begin at 4:30, with meeting beginning at 6 pm Susan and Sabrina will work on flyer announcement. Esther will find out about fee waiver for this event also. Some funds will be needed to cover copying. Distribution will be done door to door by volunteers. Further planning was continued to the August meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm. The next board meeting will be on Thursday, August 17th, at the Kane’s house.

Respectfully submitted,

Esther Polito

Email: centralparkwest.davis@gmail.com