Minutes of Board meeting 8/17/06

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Minutes of Board meeting 8/17/06

Meeting Summary CPW Residents’ Association Board Thursday, August 17, 2006 David Kane’s house

Present: All five member of the CPW board were present: President Sabrina O’Hanleigh, Board members David Kane, David Ogrydziak, Esther Polito and Susan Walker.

Also present were Ryan and Nick, two new residents of 233 University.

Sabrina called the meeting to order at 6:25 pm.


  1. Approve agenda
  2. Neighborhood Night Out event and annual meeting plans
  3. Fee waiver application to use the Hattie Weber Museum
  4. Target forum survey: Report out results, decide on next steps
  5. Neighborhood communications: Review of comments received for board consideration
  6. B Street Visioning: status and schedule
  7. Next meeting date and adjournment

Meeting Summary

  1. Agenda was approved. Susan moved, and David Orgrydziak seconded, a motion to limit meetings to two hours or less, unless a majority of the board votes to extend any individual meeting. Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Neighborhood Nigh Out events and annual meeting planning Esther reported that the city is planning its city-wide event on Oct. 6. Following discussion, Esther moved, and David Kane seconded, a motion that CPW participate in the event and hold the annual meeting as one of the event activities rather than hold a separate meeting on Sept. 16 as previously planned. Motion passed unanimously. The main item of business for the annual meeting will be electing board members. Two of the current seats should be open. Board members will decide in September whose seats will be designated. Nominations for board members will be taken from the floor. David Kane will email a “save the date” notice to everyone on the CPW email list. The email will include information about a short annual meeting with board election. Ryan and Nick volunteered to encourage student residents to add their email addresses to the list. Planning will continue in September when the board has information about the city’s participation (invitations, mailing, etc.).
  3. Fee waiver application The board agreed by consensus to table the recognition request for the time being, and directed Esther to prepare a city fee waiver application for use of the Hattie Weber museum for monthly meetings, starting in November and taking place either on the second Thursday of each month (first choice) or the third Thursday. If the application is not approved, the recognition issue may be reconsidered by the board.
  4. Target Forum Survey David Kane reported that he received only three responses to the email survey about neighborhood interest in holding a forum on the Target development which will be voted on in November. Due to the low response, board members agreed by consensus not to sponsor a forum, but rather consider using the email list to encourage residents to inform themselves about the project. Sabrina will email Rob Roy to see if he can provide a list of web site with Target information. Board will decide next steps in September.
  5. Neighborhood Communications David Kane read a message that he received from Maynard Skinner regarding garbage can problems. The board discussed possible actions, and agreed by consensus that CPW could put its name on a flyer that educated residents about garbage pickup and problems. Sabrina will see if Maynard will provide a draft and help with its distribution. Susan volunteered to print the flyer at her office. Discussion continued, focusing on other recurring garbage problems, particularly the littering problems on late Friday and Saturday evenings. Board members wondered whether additional public garbage cans would helpful. David Ogrydziak agreed to check the receptacles at the Café Roma to see if they are being used. Esther recommended that anyone with a recurring garbage or litter problem take photos, using the date stamp. If enough photos are collected, the board could use them as part of a request for further city assistance.
  6. B Street Visioning and Schedule David Orgrydziak reminded the board that the B Street Visioning project will be the neighborhood’s highest priority once the draft EIR is released. Esther reported that Planning staff expects it to be ready by the end of the month. Board will discuss at the September meeting.
  7. Next meeting date and adjournment The next meeting will be held soon after more information is available from the city on the Neighbors Night Out event. Susan is not available on Sept. 7. All board members could make a Sept. 14 meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Esther Polito

Email: centralparkwest.davis@gmail.com