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About Davis Community AI

The Davis Community Chapter of Amnesty International is dedicated to advocating for human rights through unwavering commitment to raising community awareness of human rights abuses, persistent support of prisoners of conscience through ardent letter writing campaigns, and unrelenting interaction with legislators and policymakers who affect human rights laws in the United States and abroad.

The strength of any organization is largely determined by the commitment of its members to the group’s mission and goals. Therefore, the mission and goals of an organization must be clear and succinct. All members must understand how their individual actions contribute group to success. When group membership is voluntary, the ability of group coordinators to provide members an opportunity to make a tangible contribution to the organization’s mission and goals is vitally important. The presentation of such opportunities, in conjunction with other factors, determines the length and quality of individual membership.

The most effective way to present members and potential members with the opportunity to make a tangible contribution to the fight for human rights is through a three-prong approach that appeals to various individual strengths and interests. Reflecting the values of Amnesty International, this approach specifically addresses generating and maintaining awareness in the community, promotes commitment to Prisoners of Conscience, and prioritizes working directly with city, state, and federal legislators to effect domestic and international human rights policy.


One of the most important functions of local Amnesty International Chapters is to raise and maintain awareness in the local and surrounding communities of human rights issues and Amnesty International’s efforts to fight for human rights around the world. On the local level, we can work towards increased consciousness in our community through tabling events, films, guest speakers, and focus topics at monthly meetings. Direct interaction with the community through events like the Farmer’s Market, gathering signatures on petitions, and giving presentations at various other concerns groups meetings about the human rights work that needs to be done will certainly increase awareness in Davis and the surrounding communities.

Prisoners of Conscience

The creation of Amnesty International began with letter writing campaigns that continue to play a vital role in freeing Prisoners of Conscious around the world. Writing on behalf of the Chapter’s assigned POC and other individuals as directed by Amnesty International is a key activity in the Davis Community Chapter. Part of each monthly meeting, the Chapter will continue to conduct guided letter writing sessions with all interested members. The impact letters can have on the survival of POCs while imprisoned and the influence on governments and hostile groups holding these individuals has been proved critical throughout the history of letter writing campaigns. The Davis Community is committed to fervent letter writing on behalf of those imprisoned for their beliefs.

Policy Change Initiatives

Perhaps the most accessible, yet most neglected resource for catalyzing significant lasting change in foreign and domestic human rights policies is access to city, state, and federal representatives charged with working on behalf of the people. Despite efforts by some legislators to work for human rights in US foreign and domestic policy, much more must be done to confront these issues. With the myriad of competing interests vying for the attention of our representatives, we must present persistent and compelling arguments that cannot simply be answered in letters of acknowledgement. We must speak to our legislators with the collective voice of the members of our community to bring human rights issues to the forefront of political importance.

The Davis Community Chapter meets regularly to write letters and organize actions on behalf of victims of human rights violations. Our members come from all across the Davis community. We welcome new members to our meetings, which are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m., at the International House, 10 College Park, Davis CA.

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