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Darfur Crisis



Darfur Crisis

Hundreds of thousands of people are believed to have lost their lives since the Darfur conflict erupted in February 2003. Systematic human rights abuses have occurred, including killing, torture, rape, looting and destroying of property by all parties involved in the conflict, but primarily by the Sudanese government and government-backed Janjawid militia.

Despite the signing of the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) there has been more fighting, more displacement and more uncertainty in Sudan. With the African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS) so far unable to protect civilians, Amnesty International again repeats its calls on Sudan to consent to the deployment of a UN peacekeeping force to protect civilians without further delay. An Amnesty International report issued October 5th, 2006, entitled "Sudan: Crying out for Safety," paints a grim picture of the deteriorating human rights situation in Darfur.

Amnesty International has again raised the urgency of its work on Darfur in an effort to stop the atrocities taking place there, but we need your help to make peace and security a reality.


Students and youth nationwide will take action during the week of March 26 to help stop human rights abuses in Darfur. Help make this our best student mobilization yet.

Call your elected officials and ask them to do more to encourage China (as well as the Arab League and Russia) to press the Sudanese government to admit UN peacekeepers immediately and save thousands of lives.

Find these and other AI actions to stop the killing now in Darfur at...Act_now_to_end_the_crisis_in_Darfur>>

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AI 10/05/06 report... Sudan: Crying out for Safety

Appeal for Action to Boxer, Feinstein, and Thompson on Darfur (downloadable MS Word format)

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Amnesty International Fall 2006 Magazine Article on Dafur

AI London's Report on Darfur Crisis

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