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School Site Council

The principle underlying the establishment of all School Site Councils is that those individuals who are most affected by the operation of their school should have a major role in the decisions regarding how their school functions. The Holmes School Site Council includes the principal, parent representatives, teacher representatives, student representatives and classified employee representatives. Each representative is elected by their constituent group.

Each year the School Site council, in collaboration with the teaching staff, develops a School Plan for Student Achievement. The council then approves a budget which is reflective and supportive of the plan's goals and activities to improve the academic achievement for all students. In addition, the site council also reviews and makes recommendations regarding various school policies and has oversight of the expenditure of state block grants when they are allocated.

Please contact representatives with questions regarding site council issues.


Next Meeting May 16th 8:30-10 am
This is the last meeting for the 2004-2005 school year. Thank you so much to all members; thank you for your time and dedication!
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