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The Coalition for Local Power is an ad hoc citizens group which advocates public power solutions in Yolo County. Active since 1997 the coalition has worked with the City of Davis Citizens Task Force on Energy Issues and through personal contacts to promote SMUD annexation as the best method of gaining local control of the electric utility in Yolo County.

The Davis Citizens Task Force on Energy Issues recommended that the City of Davis actively seek SMUD annexation for the immediate future. The addition of West Sacramento, Woodland and portions of Yolo County were suggested by the R.W.Beck Study to create a contiguous area for annexation by SMUD.

To view the study, go to Yolo Electric Service Request.

WHO OWNS THE SUN? people, politics, and the struggle for a solar economy, (1996) by Dan Berman and the late John O’Connor can be downloaded on-line at It is also available at local libraries. Especially relevant is chapter 4, “Public Power,” which includes “The Sacramento Municipal Utility District: A Public Power Success Story,” on pp. 87-97(endnotes pp. 270-273). Contact Dan Berman at 530-757-6609 or to buy a signed copy of the book. 

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