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Timeline of Public Power Issue in Yolo County: 1997-2006

March 1997

First meeting of Coalition for Local Power, an ad hoc group of Davis citizens dedicated to bringing public power to Davis

July 6, 1997

“It’s Time for Davis to Declare Our Energy Independence,” Op-Ed in Davis Enterprise by Dan Berman and Bob Milbrodt, advocating formation of a Davis Municipal Utility District (DMUD)

August 1997

Natural Resources Commission of the City of Davis holds public hearing to discuss city’s response to upcoming electricity deregulation. Public power experts from the Northern California Power Agency among the speakers. 

December 1997

First meeting of Citizens Task Force on Electricity Restructuring, appointed by the City Council after recommendation by the Natural Resources Commission. 

May 1998

Citizens Task Force on Electricity Restructuring issues its report, which is moot on issue of public power.

Nov. 14, 1999

 “Municipal Utility District: Bold Idea for New Century,” Op-Ed in Davis Enterprise by Dennis Dingemans, Dave Rosenberg, and David J. Thompson.

February 2000

Campaign launched to collect 1692 signatures to put DMUD issue on November 2000 ballot. 

April 2000

DMUD campaign turns in 4024 signatures  (of 1692 required by Law) to Yolo County Clear. Review initiated by Yolo County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO).

July 14, 2000

Yolo LAFCO rejects attempt to put DMUD issue on Nov. 2000 ballot.  Mayor Ken Wagstaff of Davis is only “Yes” vote.

November 2001

Citizens Task Force on Energy Issues appointed by Davis City Council; Task Force recommends that City of Davis hire a consultant to study public power issue

February 2002

Davis City Council hires Navigant Consulting to study energy alternatives, including annexation to SMUD

October 2002

·          Navigant Consulting, Inc., study* recommends that Davis pursue annexation by SMUD as an “excellent alternative to PG&E service and the most plausible outcome to establish local representation”  and recommends including Woodland and West Sacramento in any annexation area.

·          Davis City Council votes to approach SMUD about annexation

January 2003

Final Report* of Davis Citizens Task Force on Energy Issues recommends further study of annexation to SMUD.

February 2003

West Sacramento, Davis, and Woodland approach SMUD about annexing portions of Yolo County into SMUD service area.

April 2003

SMUD Board adopts an annexation policy that sets criteria that must be met for SMUD to consider annexing an area.

July 2003

SMUD Board authorizes joint study of annexation feasibility and requires the Yolo communities requesting annexation to split the cost with SMUD.

SMUD Board authorizes joint study of annexation feasibility and requires the Yolo communities requesting annexation to split the cost: half by SMUD and half by Yolo County jurisdictions.

March 2004

$500,000 Annexation feasibility study contract awarded to R.W. Beck, Inc.

January 2005

Annexation feasibility study completed by R.W. Beck.

Feb/Mar 2005

City Councils of Woodland, Davis, and West Sacramento, and Yolo Supervisors  vote unanimously to request annexation.

April/May 2005

·          Yolo County Board of Supervisors votes to seek annexation.

·          SMUD staff releases its annexation analysis to the SMUD

·          SMUD holds three public workshops on  annexation issues.

May 5, 2005

Dr. Sanjay Varshney, the dean of the College of Business Administration at California State University, Sacramento, provides the SMUD Board of Directors with his report validating both the R.W. Beck report and the SMUD staff analysis.

May 19, 2005

SMUD Board of Directors votes to send the annexation request to the Sacramento County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo).

July 2006

LAFCO to determine whether the annexation question can be placed on the ballot in Yolo County in November 2006

Nov. 6, 2006

Possible annexation election in Davis, West Sacramento, and Woodland as well as  Yolo County, contingent on approval by Sacramento LAFCO

* Go to and search “energy issues” for copies of these reports.


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