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"So thoroughly have the utilities captured the body social, the body politic, the body commercial, the body club womanly, the body editorial, and the body ministerial, that allover the nation it becomes an occasion for sneer when any man or any woman dares to stand out in the sunlight and battle for the sovereign rights of a sovereign people against the arrogant dominations of the public utility corporations, which should be the servants of the people, and not their throttling czars."

C. K McClatchy, Publisher, SACRAMENTO BEE, as quoted in The Bee's Centennial Album, Part the Ninth, pp. CD14, CD15 February 3, 1958

Yolo County Elections Returns SMUD vote

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Last updated: Nov. 16, 2006, 06:24 AM

SMUD Annexation ( H ), PG&E Replacement ( I ) Final Tally 
.  Count Yes Percent Yes Count No Percent No
Measure H 24,021 51% 23,087 49%
Measure I 23,617 50% 23,627 50%
PG&E spent $50 dollars per vote in this election!

Sacramento County Elections Returns SMUD vote
          Vote for  1
              (WITH 957 OF 957 PRECINCTS COUNTED)
           No.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   173,710   61.59%
           Yes/Si  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .   108,335   38.41%
              Over Votes .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        50
             Under Votes .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .    24,840

General Election, Tuesday, November 7, 2006, Voter Registration and Elections, Sacramento County, California, USA

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Dear Friends, In case you missed it, here's a link for a must-see KCRA Channel 3 Evening News segment that aired on Oct. 10th. Click on the Tom DuHain interview. Gene Stille of Nugget Markets and Dan Berman, among others are featured. Reporter Tom DuHain does an honest, hard-hitting piece on why SMUD expansion into Yolo County will benefit both Yolo County and current SMUD customers. It really cuts through PG&E's $10 million propaganda campaign. - Adwatch: No On Measures H, I, L Ad SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- In this Adwatch report, the focus is on an ad for a trio of local measures that voters in Sacramento and Yolo counties will decide.

SMUD vs PG&E Flyer

Vote Yes on H & I

Vote YES on H & I.  "I think it's an absolute no-brainer." 
Nugget Market Chairman Gene Stille Sacramento Bee October 9th 2006

Business Customers Rate SMUD #1 in California

Residential Customers Rate SMUD #1 in California

Article on Green Energy 

Posted on OCTOBER 26, 2006:By Cosmo Garvin

PG&E also is spending a chunk of money to attack SMUD's environmental credentials. If you live in Davis, you may have gotten a glossy mailer sporting a cute tree frog and a quote from the Al Gore movie An Inconvenient Truth: "...inconvenient truths do not go away just because they are not seen."

But look a little more closely at the math. The No campaign boasts that PG&E gets "30 percent of its electricity from wind, solar and water."
Part of that percentage includes "large hydropower"--big dams that energy regulators don't consider to be renewable energy. If SMUD were to include the power it gets from big dams, its green percentage would rise to about 42 percent.

And according to the California Energy Commission, PG&E's renewable-energy mix, the share of its electricity that comes from wind, solar and biomass, is about 11.4 percent. Measured the same way, SMUD's renewable share is 14.5 percent.

PG&E also touts a 35 percent smaller "carbon footprint" than SMUD. In other words, less of its energy, per kilowatt, results in greenhouse gases being released. SMUD has to concede the point, but notes that PG&E gets a big chunk of its energy from its Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Nuclear reactors don't give off carbon dioxide, but there is that little problem of what to do with all that nuclear waste.

SMUD Wind Farm near Rio Vista

PG&E Nuclear Reactor at Diablo Canyon

Coal fired power plant "WRA"

   Credit Ratings of SMUD and PG&E, Sept. 2006

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a regulated utility (PG&E) PG&E Corp(4)
S&P A (1) BBB  
Moodys A1 (2) Baa1 Baa3
Fitch A (3) BBB  
1. Since June 9, 1997
2. Since May 3, 2004.
3. Since March 1996
4. PG&E Corp. (the parent company) is rated Baa3
by Moody's. It is unrated by the other agencies.
Note from Dan Berman:

Which utility is likely to raise rates soon?  SMUD with the "A" or PG&E the one with the BBB?  As you are probably aware, the credit of publicly-owned utilities is much better than that of privately-owned ones.  I had a long discussion with Linda Santoro of Fitch on this very subject, and reports have been issued on this very topic.  Linda can be reached at 212-908-0522 or

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Utility Co. Residential (700 kWh)* Business (2000 kWh)** Supermarket (250,000 kWh)**









Savings w/ SMUD:




* Utility Rate Sheets
* *Source: Energy Rates and Contracts, Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power, Monthly Report, available by calling (213) 367-0330

What's the value of Yolo annexation for Sacramento residents?

  • No use of SMUD existing low cost energy will be used in Yolo area.

  • Spreading operations and maintenance costs over more customers keeps rates down.

  • Yolo's debt service will be lower than Sacramento's.

  • Nuclear decommissioning costs are spread over more usage.

  • Yolo customers provide additional cash flow of more than $20 million.

  • Yolo provides more diversified load.

  • Yolo provides economies of scale that grow over time. 

SMUD gets stronger, rates will be more stable.  

        PG&E is proposing to raise utility rates an average of 12%

        Rates will be 2% lower with SMUD.

        PG&E is operating a vigorous political campaign to halt SMUD annexation.

        We must counteract PG&Es political assault. 

   Check the Timeline for an overview of the annexation effort.

The table below shows that PG&E charged, in most cases, its business customers over 1½ as much as SMUD in June. 2005. 

SMUD vs. PG&E: Sample Commercial Utility Bills, September 2006

Usage in KWH

If your PG&E electric bill was: 

Your SMUD bill would have been:

Monthly savings with SMUD:

500 $100 $60 $40
1000 $191 $112 $79
2000 $375 $217 $158
5000 $925 $532 $393
10,000 $1843 $1,119 $724
50,000 $7,921 $4,963 $2,958
100,000 $15,751 $12,313 $3,438
Source: "Comparison of Typical Electric Bills" , 
Energy Rates and Contracts, Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power, 213-367-0330

On average, SMUD charges  business customers 38% less than PG&E ! 

What Yolo residents should know about their electric bills.

SMUD vs. PG&E: Sample Residential Utility Bills, September 2006

Usage in KWH

If your PG&E electric bill was: 

Your SMUD bill would have been:

Monthly savings with SMUD:

400 $46 $40 $6
500 $57 $48 $9
700 $90 $65 $25
1,000 $162 $111 $51
2,000 $437 $246 $191
Source: "Comparison of Typical Electric Bills" , 
Energy Rates and Contracts, Los Angeles Dept. of Water & Power, 213-367-0330

On average, PG&E residential customers would save 26% with SMUD! 

When Yolo County switches to SMUD, the savings levels in the table will not be realized immediately. The cost to buy out PG&E assets and contracts must to be included in post-annexation electricity costs. Yolo electricity rates under SMUD are expected to decrease 2% upon severance with PG&E. Yolo residents will get the same rates as all other SMUD customers when the annexation asset purchases have been paid off.

The Coalition for Local Power, an ad hoc citizens committee, recommends this change to residents and businesses in Davis, Woodland, West Sacramento and Yolo County.

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Last updated 11-16-2006