[Backerfootballboard] Crab & Shrimp Feed Sponsorship

Lisa Nelson lnel at pacbell.net
Wed Feb 13 18:58:03 PST 2008

So attached is the revised Corporate Sponsorship form, with all the additions that we heard in the meeting on Monday.

Is it too much?   
Should we just concentrate on getting people to come to the Crab Feed? and not add in the Banner and Ad Space renewals at this time?   

Are the prices right?
I'm thinking that Tshirts/decals are roughly $10/shirt.... so looking at the prices....
Champions pay $1,000 and get $660 worth of value  (8 tickets:  $320, T shirts $40, and Ad:  $300)  66% of value to Sponsor
Blue and White pay $600 and get $360 worth of value (6 tickets:  $240, Tshirts $20, and Ad:  $190)   60% of value to Spons.
TD pay $250 and get $230   ($80 + $10 + $140)    92% of value goes to the sponsor.  

Not being a numbers person, I'm still not sure how to explain it, but all I know is that it looks like the value of the TD package is pretty good, and maybe we should give them less or charge a little more.

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