[Backerfootballboard] Crab & Shrimp Feed Sponsorship

Madeline Brattesani madeline at dcn.org
Thu Feb 14 14:41:03 PST 2008

Looks terrific--nice job! Madeline

At 06:58 PM 2/13/2008, Lisa Nelson wrote:
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>So attached is the revised Corporate Sponsorship form, with all the 
>additions that we heard in the meeting on Monday.
>Is it too much?
>Should we just concentrate on getting people to come to the Crab Feed? and 
>not add in the Banner and Ad Space renewals at this time?
>Are the prices right?
>I'm thinking that Tshirts/decals are roughly $10/shirt.... so looking at 
>the prices....
>Champions pay $1,000 and get $660 worth of value  (8 tickets:  $320, T 
>shirts $40, and Ad:  $300)  66% of value to Sponsor
>Blue and White pay $600 and get $360 worth of value (6 tickets:  $240, 
>Tshirts $20, and Ad:  $190)   60% of value to Spons.
>TD pay $250 and get $230   ($80 + $10 + $140)    92% of value goes to the 
>Not being a numbers person, I'm still not sure how to explain it, but all 
>I know is that it looks like the value of the TD package is pretty good, 
>and maybe we should give them less or charge a little more.
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