[Backerfootballboard] Please approve

Madeline Brattesani madeline at dcn.org
Fri Jun 13 14:33:20 PDT 2008

Hi, all:

Coach Gazzaniga contacted us recently requesting $8,685.75 to purchase 
helmets that he need very soon. He asked that we make the check payable to 
the DHS Football Program (memo: to be deposited in the ASB account) because 
the vendor requires a purchase, which the High School can issue. Since the 
Coach needs these soon, and I don't know when the next Board meeting is 
where we discuss/approve a proposed budget, I thought I would try to handle 
this single purchase via e-mail.

By way of this e-mail, I move that we approve his request. Will someone 
second and others vote? Thanks! Madeline

Here's the e-mail from the coacth with details:

Hi Madeline,

Received the verbal quote on helmets this morning [from Continental], will 
be getting a paper copy via email later today that I will forward. The 
quote was $8,685.75. In case you need it, details follow:

1. The program lost 26 helmets to rejection.
2. We have 84 in stock, 8 kids with their own, total of 92 helmets.
3. Current Frosh/JV/Varsity registrations are at 130 (~15 more than '07).
4. We are short 38 helmets.
5. Need 45 to account for sizing issues, restock, etc.
6. Need a mix of Schutt XPs ($199) and Air Advantage ($155).

Please let me know what needs to happen to get funds into ASB account to 
cover. Check written to "DHS Football Program".

Thanks for all of the support. Call me at 632.7422 with any questions.


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