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sorry..I responded to the board before I read Madelaine's response.  Maybe our secretary can shed light on the status of the approval for the $300?> Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 06:40:48 -0700> To: lnel at pacbell.net; backerfootballboard at crank.dcn.davis.ca.us> From: madeline at dcn.org> Subject: Re: [Backerfootballboard] Fw: Homecoming Parade> > *** Select REPLY to e-mail Sender only.> *** To e-mail EVERYONE on this list, send e-mail To: backerfootballboard at mailman.dcn.org> > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> D H S F O O T B A L L B O A R D L I S T S E R V> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> I think as a board via e-mail we did approve this request. At any rate, I > vote to approve it. And I also had allocated funds in the proposed budget > for it.> > See you all tonight!> > Madeline> > At 11:07 PM 8/28/2008, Lisa Nelson wrote:> >*** Select REPLY to e-mail Sender only.> >*** To e-mail EVERYONE on this list, send e-mail To: > >backerfootballboard at mailman.dcn.org> >> >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> > D H S F O O T B A L L B O A R D L I S T S E R V> >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<x-html>> ><!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">> >Board members -> >Please take a look at this request to match the Cheer Team's $300. I > >don't recollect if we approved this money in our budget, but would > >appreciate it if we all sounded out about it now. The Cheer team will > >be there tomorrow at the Scrimmages. Thanks to everyone who is helping > >in the many ways we're doing this. It looks to be a fun event.> >----- Original Message -----> >From: <mailto:marcibernard at yahoo.com>Marcia Bernard> >To: <mailto:lnel at pacbell.net>Lisa Nelson> >Cc: <mailto:rooneys4 at comcast.net>Julie Rooney> >Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 8:08 PM> >Subject: Re: Homecoming Parade> >> >Hi Lisa. We'll wait to hear back from Dan on the trucks, etc. We need a > >firm commitment from you guys on the money for homecoming decorations. I > >still never heard from you what was decided by Backers. Can you match our > >$300? If we don't have a firm amount, we can't schedule these flatbeds > >because we can't afford to do the decorating. We are providing the poster > >paint, glitter, etc. for the poster party! PLease let me know soon what > >amount we can count on.> >> >Marci Bernard> >> >> >----- Original Message ----> >From: Lisa Nelson <lnel at pacbell.net>> >To: Marcia Bernard <marcibernard at yahoo.com>; Dan Gazzanaga > ><gazzan at sbcglobal.net>> >Cc: Julie Rooney <rooneys4 at comcast.net>> >Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 7:59:27 PM> >Subject: Re: Homecoming Parade> >> >Marcy -> >Thank you for thinking about this, and planning for the trucks.> >> >This sounds like a good plan. I just hope it isn't pouring down rain > >like last year (but that is highly unlikely with the early Homecoming > >date). I worry just a bit about safety of these guys when it comes to > >these flatbeds with no rails.... is there anything to hang onto? I just > >don't want anyone falling off a truck. Any ideas?> >> >And, I'm iffy on whether to bother with getting the Freshman out from > >their 3 different schools. I know the high school gets a 1/2 day, but > >the Jr. Highs don't. It's definitely the coaches' call. I know my > >freshman son will be upset, but he'll get over it. Maybe it could > >somehow be tied to an incentive of how many points they score (or prevent) > >between now and homecoming?> >> > I think we've already got decoration costs, and poster board allocated > > for this. You're supplying the paint and glitter for poster-making?> >> >Have you heard anything about the possibility of a dance?> >> > ----- Original Message -----> >From: <mailto:marcibernard at yahoo.com>Marcia Bernard> >To: <mailto:gazzan at sbcglobal.net>Dan Gazzanaga ; > ><mailto:lnel at pacbell.net>Lisa Nelson> >Cc: <mailto:rooneys4 at comcast.net>Julie Rooney> >Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 7:29 PM> >Subject: Homecoming Parade> >> >Hi Dan and the Backers,.> > So a cheer family has tentatively secured a "Double" Semi flatbed for > > the homecoming Parade. This includes a driver. What they would do (if > > you are on board), is bring the flatbeds into the field area in the > > morning so that we could get it decorated for the parade. We would put > > fringe all around the bottoms, posters all around (to be used in the > > stadium that afternoon), balloons, pom-poms, etc. etc. We could put all > > of Varsity football and cheer on one bed, and Junior Varsity Football and > > Cheer on the other...around the sides, on a couple of hay bales, and > > standing). I'm not sure if they can all fit but I think so. We have one > > other family that offered an 8' X 12' flatbed separately. Do we want > > that for Frosh? That isn't very big. I definitely want your buy in > > before finalizing these... and we'll need some money for > > decorations. What are your thoughts? Please let me know. The banner is > > all set up, hooks in, etc. It will be up for tomorrow night and it is > > beautiful. :) Marci Bernard> >> >Marci Bernard> >> >> ></x-html>> >_______________________________________________> >Backerfootballboard mailing list> >Backerfootballboard at mailman.dcn.org> >http://www2.dcn.org/mailman/listinfo/backerfootballboard> > > _______________________________________________> Backerfootballboard mailing list> Backerfootballboard at mailman.dcn.org> http://www2.dcn.org/mailman/listinfo/backerfootballboard
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