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MARK NELSON dcesp_nelson at msn.com
Tue Sep 23 21:20:50 PDT 2008

I spoke to Patrick Donlon earlier today and he has agreed to utilize the season tickets created by the Martins.  There are a few caveats, i.e. numbering etc and we will end up writing a check to DHS Athletics for all those purchased via family memberships and crab feed.  Mabye we can even get some of these tickets out to people at the games on Thursday and Friday against Will C. Wood.   Will also discuss with donlon the viability of punching the season ticket at the gate so we don't end paying $25 for season tickets that go unused or are utilized for 3 or fewer games. 
As for a trainer at practice, I've spoken to Donlon among many others in "athletic trainer" business..bottom line..DJUSD needed to have a trainer for this year lined up in the spring of last year.   Budget uncertainties in the spring may have been the cause, but that would have been the case for all other school districts as well.  There is money in the budget now for a trainer, but there are no certified trainers available for the position.  
Locker room security: Donlon will call Will C. Wood's AD to discuss the situation at Vacaville H.S.  If it's not secure, I volunteer to "guard" the locker room as I'm sure I'll have more fun doing that than watching the game.  Courtney Sr. is in charge of keeping me hydrated and awake.  
Mark Nelson
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