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Lisa Nelson lnel at pacbell.net
Tue Oct 7 17:48:19 PDT 2008

Thought I'd run this passed you all.   I asked the Cheer team if they wanted to sell split the pot tickets, and they want to split the pot again with us.

I'm almost in favor of just handing the whole thing over to them, and NOT paying the $300 for the decorations they want every year, but I don't know how much will be generated.

Copying Jonathan and Cecilia on this, since they are the ones who did the pot thing this past week.

Hmmm....    thoughts?
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Lisa... So here's our proposal.  We would like to split the money earned in split the pot with football- and we'll sell the raffle tickets.  I ran this by the key players in Cheer- Coach, Varsity/JV advisors, etc. and the consensus was that we'd love to partner in this- but that we need to generate funds to help our organization as well.  My guess is that if we put a whole squad of cheerleaders combing the stands with buckets- we could double or even triple (or more) what comes in.  We could have cheerleaders all up and down the stands on both sides at some point during both games.  I'll bet they could rake in the money.   We feel like we have been very generous in our efforts in working with Football- and want to continue to build on and foster that partnership.  Homecoming was amazing.  Would you please run this by your group and see what they think? 
Marci Bernard

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Hi Marci -
Do you think the (off duty) Cheerleaders would be willing to walk around the stadium selling the Split the Pot raffle tickets?   Meaning a couple Varsity girls could do it during the JV game, and JV during the Varsity game?

We had a Varsity parent doing it for the JV game at home, but we didn't have a JV  parent doing it for the Varsity game.    I actually bought raffle tickets from the Will C. Wood Cheerleaders when they came to our stands in Vacaville the week before.   

They went around in pairs, and one ripped off the tickets and one collected the money.   It will go a long way to helping pay for decorations in the coming years.

Let me know.
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