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FYI on plans for Homecoming.
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Hi everyone,


This is Eric Morgan, this year's Student Activities Director from Davis Senior High School.  Thanks for your patience as I get settled and organized for this year's Homecoming.  I've been speaking with Mr. Roberson, Ms. Kimura, and representatives of many of our school's support groups to figure out how to best utilize this year's Homecoming to showcase our students while also raising funds to complete the stadium.


We are planning a carnival that will take place a little before and then during the game.  The idea is to get students and outside venders involved in a festive, exciting atmosphere that will help show off our floats and let everyone raise a little bit of money without stepping on each others' toes.  ASB is selling spots in the carnival for $25 bucks each, and it is up to the Clubs and Blue and White to best figure out how to raise money out of them-foods, carnival games, information, donations spots, face painting, whatever you can think of.  Venders brought in by Blue and White can't directly compete with what our school's finance office is setting up (Hot dogs and Pizza so far).  I have attached the outline (a work in progress, but basically the plan) to examine.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me.  I am hoping that this setting will help us meet the goals we have all set for this night.  



Eric Morgan


Eric Morgan

M.A. Education UC Davis, 2005

Student Activities Director

Teacher of English

Davis Senior High School

emorgan at djusd.k12.ca.us


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