[Backerfootballboard] After-game gathering.

Debra Flory flory8 at pacbell.net
Thu Oct 1 20:24:53 PDT 2009

	After Game Fun! Continues

Frosh, JV, Varsity Players, Cheer Team,Coaches, Family, Friends....

Once again, Mountain Mike will keep it's doors open for us after the  
game on Friday.  Keeping up with last year's tradition to gather at a  
local spot for food and drinks:
Mountain Mike's is one of our 2009 sponsors and invites us all to come  
eat, drink, talk over the game and and continue  the fun.  Two big  
screen TV's will be on Channels 3 and 10 so we can watch the scores!   
They are offering 15% off all food and beverages( except alcohol) to  
But, remember, if you have a Blue Devil Advantage card you will  
receive 25% off your order.  Get yours at the DevilWear booth tomorrow.

Management says it would be helpful to them for us to call ahead with  
our orders at least 45 minutes before we arrive.  Some of us who know  
we are going for sure can call in even earlier.  Helps them keep up  
with the crowd.  Of course, anyone deciding to come at the last minute  
is welcome.  Invite your neighbor at the game.  Frosh, JV come out and  
have fun with us!  Tell the Junior Blue Devils.  Now is a great time  
for them to meet the players.

This event is not limited to just teams and families.  Anyone can come  
so spread the word.


Debi Flory
DevilWear - DHS Football Backers
530-758-6716 - Home
916-719-7795 - Cell

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