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Madeline Brattesani maddy at dcn.org
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Sounds good to me! Thanks for your quick work on this. Will the coaches' get permission from the district (and will it be granted) next year? Something for a future agenda item.

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  Hi Everyone,


  I got a call on Thursday AM from Principal Roberson asking the backers to sponsor the Champions camp.  

  Apparently neither of the coaches (Gazzaniga nor Smyte) ever got permission for this camp & the district was having trouble with insurance.  So Roberson asked the backers to sponsor the camp & obtain the necessary liability insurance (the cost of which we will be reimbursed from the camp proceeds).

  The camp was in risk of being cancelled, so I agreed and contacted an insurance broker that I work with & she helped me quickly arrange insurance coverage for the camp (cost = $744).

  The camp insurance covers us for $1 million in liability, which I'm comfortable with since the backers still have our regular insurance.

  Let me know if you have questions!



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