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FYI:     the district will write DBDFB a check for the Champions Camp fees and we will turn around and issue a donation check to the ASB football account in the same amount less the cost of insurance.  That will make DBDFB the official Champions Camp sponsor.


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Hi Rich,
Please issue my personal thanks to the DHS football backers for stepping in on such a short notice to help support the Champs camp.  We are proud of Steve’s work and excited about what are athletes are doing.  Here is an update on where we are with cutting the boosters a check:
	1. Because some parents wrote one check to pay for multiple expenses, the business office staff has to individually divide the money to make sure the correct dollar amount is allocated for Champs camp and to the other expenses that parents intended to pay.  
	2. The process would move much faster if the business office had a ledger or camp sign in sheet indicating which students have paid for Champs camp.  I will speak to Steve to see who has this documentation.
No money that is raised and intended for our football program will be consumed or used for the benefit of other ASB programs; it is important that you know this.   I will keep you updated and let you know when the check is available.
It’s ok to share this email with all of our football supporters.
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