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Rich Jenness rgj2 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Oct 22 08:49:43 PDT 2010

Yes, that's great.  I'm sure Sunday, 8/14 will work although I might have 
preferred a date in the Spring.

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            D H S  F O O T B A L L  B O A R D  L I S T S E R V
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Do we want to play 
Bingo on August 14, 2011? 

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>Subject: Davis Odd fellows Bingo Fundraiser
>Hi Trish,
>Odd fellows Bingo Committee had our annually meeting to select organization that 
>we would like to sponsor for 2011 year and we selected your group.  The date we 
>selected was August 14th.  First thing I need to know is if this date works.  We 
>have various people on this committee and I chosen to be your main contact 
>person.  My son Karl Schmiegel played Davis High School football and graduated 
>Diana Schmiegel
>(530) 400-4432 (cell)
>(530) 756-5019 (home)

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