[Backerfootballboard] reserving a room for the banquet(s)

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Option 2 sounds good to me

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Steve and Backers -
Would you rather:
1 - Use the DHS MPR for the Varsity Banquet (Sat. 12/4), JV Banquet (Sun 12/5) 
and then Frosh Banquet (Mon. 12/6) with decorations and set up for each event 
separately?    (because a church rents the MPR on Sun from 1:30 - 4:30, and I 
don't think we could have both JV and Frosh on Sunday, so the next logical night 
is Monday).
2 - Use Holmes Junior High MPR where we can have Varsity Banquet (Sat. 12/4), JV 
Banquet (Sun 12/5 any time) and follow up with the Frosh Banquet on the same 
day.    We can leave the tables and decorations set up the whole weekend.
These are really our only 2 options.   It doesn't bother me that the Varsity 
Banquet would be held at a junior high, but it may bother someone.... coach? 

Let me know.

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