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Lisa Nelson lnel at pacbell.net
Wed Oct 27 16:51:00 PDT 2010

Hi all -
I have both a deposit from Trish Price (for the Partners in Learning fundraiser) as well as receipts for reimbursement request.

I really hope that the Football ASB account is reimbursing DBDFB for Laura's and my expenses for the concession stand.   If they don't, it should still register as income on the Football ASB account, which we can hopefully spend on something like the banquet or other items that we would have distributed this income towards.

I have a $1,091.59 Costco receipt from Homecoming 10/15
and a $147.54 Costco receipt for this upcoming 10/29 game.
    - both are for concession stand food.   There was lots left over from the Homecoming game, so that is why this second one is so small).

And Trish Price gave me $60 (if I'm reading the receipt correctly.... I'm not opening up the sealed envelope).

Hope this helps for planning purposes.    I think I'll drop these off to Shirley's house tonight after I drop off my salad to the pasta feed.


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  Hi, all:

  I am working with Rich and Shirley and the Coach to provide as up-to-date picture of the Coach's DHS ASB football budget and the Backers budget at our November 10 board meeting. It would really help if you would provide Shirley any and all deposits and invoices/reimbursements (or give her a heads up about any upcoming expenses that you know of for sure) by October 31.




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