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Glad we went with the Holmes option for our banquets.    (not that it should 
take a whole month to do the repairs, but you never know).
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> Davis High PTA Announcement
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> 1. DHS PTA meeting this Wednesday
> 2. Seeking volunteer to keep PTA Web site calendar up-to-date
> 3. DHS MPR & mold
> All DHS parents are welcome to join us at the November DHS PTA meeting. 
> It will be held at the DHS library on Wednesday, November 3, at 7:30 p.m. 
> The agenda will be posted on the DHS website http://www.dhspta.org/ on 
> Tuesday.
> Any parent interested in helping with keeping DHS parents informed of 
> current events and happenings?  We need help with keeping our calendar 
> up-to-date on the PTA website.  If you are website-savvy, and would like 
> to help, please contact Carolee Gregg at clbgregg at gmail.com
> Late Thursday, October 28, officials at the Davis Joint Unified School 
> District were informed by contracted building inspectors that the Davis 
> Senior High multipurpose room (MPR) was found to have two types of mold in 
> the ceiling and roof of the aging building. Two problem areas were 
> revealed during the routine annual inspections of all roofs in the 
> district. One affected area is fully contained and the second area has 
> higher than normal levels of common mold.
> While the preliminary reports indicated no danger or unhealthy exposure at 
> current levels, the district is taking swift action to ensure the safety 
> of all students and staff. The building was immediately closed and the 
> parent meeting scheduled for the evening was moved to an alternate 
> location.
> Principal Moore has been given all available information and is receiving 
> support from district staff to determine how best to provide for the 
> services, activities and events normally scheduled in the MPR. Until 
> further investigation and testing is completed, the building will remain 
> closed.
> On behalf of the Superintendent, thank you for your understanding and 
> patience. Every effort is being made to maintain smooth operation of all 
> classes and school business.
> Kevin French
> Deputy Superintendent , Davis Joint Unified School District
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