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Nancy McTygue njmctygue at ucdavis.edu
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Hi All,

Sorry about not responding earlier.  The last two weeks have been busy - I was in Long Beach last week and now I'm here in Oakland.  With your permission, I want to respond to a number of emails with this note so I don't forget anything:

1.  I have sold 16 and perhaps 18 tickets to family and friends (Rebecca - for your reference, these are numbers 953379-953396).  I'm waiting confirmation from my sister who may be coming in from Florida for the last two.  (See how compelling the crab feed is - crossing many state lines to attend!) If I could please reserve tables for this group, I'd appreciate it.  Given that, I have at least 2 tickets left I could bring to someone on Friday afternoon when I'm home.

2.  Colleen, I can give you money on Friday for those that I've confirmed.  Let me know when would be a good time to drop it off with you.

3.  I have not had the opportunity to follow up either with the constant contact / monkey site or Bob Lowry, but I hope to this weekend (or next week when I'm off).  I apologize for the delay and for not getting back to you sooner.  Lisa - thank you for doing the research on the gold card sales from the previous coach - I will include this information in the analysis I send out to the group next week so you all can decide how you'd like to proceed.

Again, I apologize for not following up on all these sooner - some day my life will slow down!


Nancy McTygue
Executive Director, The California History-Social Science Project
University of California, Davis
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