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Colleen Martin colleen at pics4u.com
Thu Feb 17 11:46:21 PST 2011

Hello All,


Rebecca is out of tickets.


Trish do you have any more tickets?


I have 5 extra at this point.which I am going to give Rafael Romero, but I
need one more to complete his 6.does anyone have one.


So far below is the money that has been turned in.so it looks like we have a
large amount of money that needs to be either turned in or collected.


Robin Murray turned in - $90.00 (2 tickets) deposited 2-11-2011

Lisa Nelson turned in - $180.00 (4 tickets) deposited 2-11-2011

Laura Andrews turned in - $90.00 (2 tickets) deposited 2-11-2011

Trish Price turned in - $100.00 (2 tickets + donation?) deposited 2-11-2011

Rebecca Foster turned in - $225.00 (5 tickets) deposited 1-18-2011

Trish Price turned in $225.00 (5 tickets) Deposit today 2-17-2011

Total Ticket sales dollars deposited $910.00 ($10.00 extra donation)


I have sold a total of 17, which I need to collect money on.(this includes


FYI-my ticket numbers are as follows.if you're tracking.

953552-956363 = 12

956406-95415 = 10

Total 22-committed 17 sold- last 5 to Rafael if he needs them.Rafael let me
know :-)


If we are sold out there is a ton of money that needs to get collected.:-)








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