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I thought went soooo well! Amazing job! I'm sorry I wasn't able to help more with this one but you had superstar volunteers that really stepped up. Thank you for all the hard work!

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> Thanks!!!!! Everyone's efforts went in to making a great event!!!!
> Thanks again for helping to make it happen!!!!
> Rebecca
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> Subject: Beautiful, fun night
> Hey everyone -
> I just wanted to say, Rebecca, you did an outstanding job yesterday coordinating everyone.     Everything went very smoothly, and I know that Tammy had her hands full in the kitchen, but I can tell you, everyone was having a great time out and about at the tables.    I'll cover the number for raffle tickets and ticket sales (that Colleen and I counted) later, and inform you of the left over-wine for sale later in the afternoon.    It will be very interesting to know the details of the auction items, as I did see a few people walking out with works of art.
> Cheers everyone.... job well done.
> Lisa
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