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Hi Yvette,

contact info for Sandy Adams:

sabootro at msn.com 

I've been having trouble getting a Frosh coordinator.  I had two sets of parents 
tell me they were considering it, but both backed out.  I have another parent, 
Gloria Whalen, who is considering it but hasn't committed yet.  I'm trying to 
get her to at least coordinate this first week.

Your proposed email below looks great, thanks


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Hello All,
Does anyone have contact info on Sandy Adams? This is what Im sending out to the 
Frosh and JV team in regards to pasta nights.


Hello Everyone,
My name is Yvette Roberson and I coordinate the Varsity Boys Pasta Feed.  We 
currently need a parent or parents to coordinate the Pasta Feed for our Frosh 
players.  The Pasta Feed typically takes place two days before game day (Tuesday 
night for Frosh, Wednesday night for JV) where we serve the players various 
pasta dishes along with a salad and a light dessert. The meal can be served once 
a week or every other week; but it has to take place on the designated night 
between the hours of 5:30pm to 8:30pm.  The boys eat right outside the DHS MPR.
This is a great time for players to fellowship and bond with one another. It is 
also a great time for families to come together and to get to know each other.
The player’s families donate all food. For those of you who don’t cook, you can 
donate money for the purchase of food. Pasta Nights are not mandatory, so please 
don’t feel obligated. This is just something special we like to do for our 
Please feel free to contact Sandy Adams from the JV team or me if you have 
questions. We are looking forward to a great season.
Go Blue Devils!
Yvette Roberson

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