[Backerfootballboard] No Frosh pasta feed this week

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Coach  Brothers -
It may help if you occasionally send out a message to  the team/parents that 
indicate what you are planning, or looking for in the way of assistance. 
The JV team and the Varsity team make ample use of their listservs.     I 
just sent a message out yesterday with info on your game on Friday.  The 
Parent Handbook had the game listed at Home on Thursday.

If you prefer to have an assistant coach or parent be the information 
person, just tell them to send emails to:
froshfootball at mailman.dcn.org

And please collect additional names of parents who want to be on the list. 
No limits to the number of emails that can be added.

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Coach Brothers,

Unfortunately we were unable to organize a pasta feed for the Frosh team 

We are still in need of a Frosh parent to act as coordinator for the weekly
pasta feeds. I've spoken with 3 sets of Frosh parents who initallly 
some interest, but all were unable to commit.

I will try to organize some co-coordinators or get some volunteers to handle 
weekly feed at a time so that your team can enjoy your weekly pasta!

Rich Jenness

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