[Backerfootballboard] LAT Mailed in Donations and Thank yous

Colleen Martin colleen at pics4u.com
Tue Sep 6 18:22:04 PDT 2011


Well I am finally getting ready to send the Thank you notes for Lift-a-thon
mailed donations.  I attached the mailed donations list.  I have most of the
addresses. There are a few I am missing if you know any of these donors
please provide an address for me.  PS I received 2 more donations today that
are not reflected on this list.will send another update.


Sorry I am so late in getting this done.  I will send a sample of the
postcard tomorrow.  Does anyone want to come up with a short blurb that will
express our sincere thanks for supporting our program? 


I will put this under the photo, which is going to be the Varsity group


Let me know if you have any other ideas.




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