[Backerfootballboard] Tuesday night mtg. & money count.

Lisa Nelson lnel at pacbell.net
Sat Sep 10 10:05:09 PDT 2011

I've got the 2 cash boxes from the Game Day program and Devil Wear.    Money is counted, and I can drop off again on Tuesday a.m., unless you want it sooner.

Rebecca Morris and Jeff Herzog (I think) did great in selling the programs.    All 87 were sold (3 were delivered to the booth for their announcing).    And they received exactly $3/program for a total of $261.

Devil Wear has $678 in the box.    I'm told that we also need to discuss the access to the Devil Wear boxes.   We are moving them to a different storage (prob. in the ticket booth) since the food concessions needs the shelves in the other closet.   Culien thinks that some merchandise may be missing, as she knows how things were packed and stored when she put things away last week after the Jr. Blue Devil game.   A couple of the boxes were out of order, and shirts were not in the same order as she left them.    I

It would be great to check in with the concessions people to see what worked well, and what needs improvement.   

I think things really went well, and it was nice to see so many parents lending a hand. We need to send a big thank you to everyone who saw a need, and just stepped up to help, especially with the banners.    I hope we get the sand bags that some parent offered to make (does anyone know who that was?)    I may have to send out an email to remind him.

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