[Backerfootballboard] Research on helmet safety from parents

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thanks Nancy for giving us this information - I would like the Board to 
highlight on page two, a little past 1/2 page this comment however "While there 
are large differences between the top performing helmets and the least 
performing helmets, the different between the 5-star and 4-star helmets is much 
less"  In addition, the article recommends purchasing one of the 5-star or 
4-star helmets.

Purchasing price does not factor into the safety (independent not manufacturers) 
ratings - prices vary the article states.

I am glad parents are looking at safety - however, I trust the Coach in deciding 
which helmets to purchase; in addition, our helmet choice is a top rated helmet 
based on this articles and it's own safety ratings.


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Please see note from Dave Hawkins - regarding brand of helmets.  


Nancy McTygue
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