[Backerfootballboard] Quarantine Digest for backerfootballboard@mailman.dcn.org

Omsoft Spam Firewall postmaster at dcn.davis.ca.us
Thu Nov 8 22:24:21 PST 2012

Dear Omsoft Customers

We have moved to new spam filter as our old one is completely fried.  This message includes 
information about email sent to you captured and quarantined by the new spam filter.  The new filter is 
a work in progress we were planning on deploying later this month.  However, the old system crashed at 
6am this morning and we had no choice but to move immediately.

Thank you.

Copy and paste the "View" link into a web browser to look at the message in
the quarantine, or copy and paste the "Release" link into a web browser to
release a copy of the message from the quarantine and mail it to yourself.
Otherwise copy and paste the "Release & Report" link to release a copy of
the message from the quarantine and report the message as not spam.

Junk Quarantine

   From: "AP" <mail at mediausinfo.info>
Subject: Community & educational development
   Date: Thu Nov 8, 10:34pm
   View: http://r149-5830.hosted.mailfoundry.net/view.phtml?id=bda2d30dc2f63867b930181c2435698f&location=28
Release: http://r149-5830.hosted.mailfoundry.net/release.phtml?id=bda2d30dc2f63867b930181c2435698f&location=28
Release & Report: http://r149-5830.hosted.mailfoundry.net/release.phtml?id=bda2d30dc2f63867b930181c2435698f&location=28&report=1

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