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HI All

First - I apologize if any of you received a strange email from us - our email 
was hacked into again.

Attached our last's years original proposal for updating the sponsorship 
program, and the main letter that went out.  We need to update the letter and 
make our messaging a little more concise which I do believe we did last year, 
but there is always room to be more concise especially with messaging.  As we 
need to begin soliciting our last year backer members, and new ones, soon - 
please let me know by email any further suggestions to the letters, and last 
years flyer.  Nancy is udpating the flyer with a more recent image and a few 
minor corrections.


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Hi All

I think these are all great points, I am not home right now -away for a few days 
over break.    We had a new sponsorship program proposal last year that we 
adopted which contained several points below, and we can also expand upon as you 
state below.  When I return I can send you - Mr. Gore last years letter that was 
sent out with the brochures for backer memberships for community/businesses. 
 Several of your points below are in the letters; however, maybe there may be a 
way to better format the letter. 

I don't have access to my  football file right now - When I return I will send 
out the letter and the proposal for all to review prior to sending it out later 
this month.  Also there are several current players and up and coming that are 
2nd generation players (my son, CK, Tucker Fisk - some seniors from last year, 
and several others - all whose fathers played Davis High Football and now their 
sons do as well).  I  agree we should continue to expand on these 2nd and 3rd 
generation players.  We have used several businesses such as Blakes Heating and 
Air and some other businesses such as Davis Ace that have been well tied to the 

Could we touch basis at the end of the week?  As we do need to update the new 
letter that will be accompanying the sponsor levels, and adding to our message 
to be more clear will always be beneficial.  

Thanks for the  points - if anyone would like to help with the community & 
business sponsorship program please let me know.


From: "gore at" <gore at>
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Subject: Football Sponsor Messaging

Football Sponsor Messaging Fellow Fund-Raisers, good evening,

Here, in draft form for your review and comment, are message points to tell the 
benefits of sponsoring Blue Devil Football.  Please remember that our brochure 
tells the story and history of our football program, these message points are 
designed to be put in your own words and inform a prospective sponsor the 
reasons why he or she will increase business by being visible at our games. 
 Messaging is used in verbal presentations and written materials.

A prospect can remember 3-4 points in a conversation, so selected those that 
seem most effective and that you are most comfortable with.

I will circulate a final draft incorporating your ideas.

	* High School football is a community focal point — it unites fans, parents, 
students, parents and others.  Football is THE most visible sport. 

	* In Davis, this focal point is in one place, Davis High School. 
	* Your audience is highly desirable — people who are typically active in the 
community, passionate about football, long-time residents, expert networkers and 
affluent; in short, the people who create word-of-mouth about your business and 
its loyalty to local athletics. 

	* Of course, there are various levels of sponsorship — described in this 
brochure.  Understand that there are multiple exposures at different times. 
 Your business can be recognized in a highly visible sign, in the program and by 
the announcer at each of five (?) home games. 

	* And the recognition is more than games — the Davis Football Backers hold 
several community events where you will be mentioned. 

	* Davis football is on its third generation.  People know where to look and 
they know how to recognize sponsors.  Your support and loyalty is shared by 

	* Unlike most high schools in this region, the Davis Blue Devils maintain three 
teams — Varsity, JV and Freshman.  You have access to three audiences. 

	* Davis High football receives no school district funding — we raise, with your 
help, $80,000 annually.  Head Coach Steve Smyte has several projects that you 
can support, beyond a typical sponsorship.  For example, the team needs about a 
dozen new helmets this season.  As you know, concussion protection is essential, 
and helmets now cost about $250 (?) each.  If you were to help the team with 
helmets, or shoulder pads or another project, special appreciation follows. 

	* Coach Smyte is always glad to spend a few minutes with you, explaining our 
Blue Devill Football and its needs.



Bob Gore 
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