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Folks - FYI-  in case you weren't on the email below from Bob.

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Fellow Backers, hello!

A draft announcement to extend discount card sales is attached for discussion and action at our meeting tomorrow.

Here are the approximate numbers, as of last night:
There are 125 players listed on the 3 teams.
92 were allocated cards.
28 returned the proceeds.
5 sold <than 10.
3 folks generously paid last night, were on vacation, did not yet receive cards and would like to.

Most of us separately discussed the need to extend the sales, and agreed.  9/15 is an arbitrary date.
Please feel free to revise the document as you see fit. 
Ideally, it would go out on the listserv by Thursday, perhaps with both Marc and Rich signing?
I can hand out the cards next week.  The 5 players who sold < 10 will be asked to try again.  If they say no, that will be sufficient?

BINNIE -- Could you please forward this to all board members? I do not have all emails. Thanks!


Robert J. Gore
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