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Yep....we should tell him yes. If you wanna talk to him that would be great Robin. I don't know what we have done in the past regarding frosh kiddos.....anyone know?

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The burritos are taken care of - a parent named Heather had taken care of it, and is scheduled to pick up 100 at 1145  -that is the time they told her - hope that is early enough.
The varsity float could be from Gary - should I tell him yes.  The JV would need a flat bed as well?
Are the Freshman participating?  if so they may need permission slips - which is what happened in the past with 9th grader JV players participated in the parade since it is during their school hours.  Adam King had arranged much of that part.
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I did the burritos last year and can take that on again if someone can coordinate the trucks - we'll need one for each team- and coordinate with the student council/school leadership about logistics. This is a total pain to organize but the kids enjoy it...

Is Heather the lady from Chipotle?

Nancy McTygue 
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HI Rebecca
I don’t know - I checked in with her a couple of times - she never reported if she received a response.  I will email her and cc you.
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I don't have anyone running the parade part....did not know we had to rub this part.

Robin.....Heather checked in with you about the burritos....what was the outcome of this?

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HI Gary 
We may - I am not sure what is happening this this.  I will forward your email to the Backerboard.
Thanks for asking!
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Hey Robin and Sean,
I cant remember who requested it last year but I pulled the boys on a trailer last year for the HC parade.
Do you happen to know if they need it again this year?
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