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Tue Oct 8 20:52:06 PDT 2013

HI All,


Sorry I missed the meeting and was unable to let you guys now - as I was held up at work.


Regarding Friday - the banners will be re-set up by Sean & Gary Friday morning at 1000.


Rich I was hoping to find out when the business/community member t-shirts will be ready.


Also I was hoping to find out how much magnet money has been collected so far from JV and any others from Varsity.  - Yvette will you be able to collect money tomorrow?  


If we don’t get most magnets or money back -  Natalie could you resend out the magnet email to have it collected by 10/17?


One last thing - I need to know who is updating the website and facebook as we need to update the sponsors list on the Website preferably with logos and for facebook - Specialized Ortho and University Honda needs their logo posted.






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