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Nancy McTygue njmctygue at
Thu Oct 24 07:42:52 PDT 2013

Hi all,

I only have one cheerleader's information for Senior night. I don't have any direct contact to that group. Would someone please tell them that they have to get their information to me ASAP or they won't be included in the program?

Here is all they have to do:
Write dhsfootballbackers at with the following: their name, how to pronounce their name, how many years they have been on cheer and what type of cheer team they are on, Who they will be attending senior night with and their relationship.

I am in San Diego at a meeting until tomorrow evening, but will be writing everything up this weekend. If anybody could please get the word out to these folks and let me know even how many there are supposed to be, that would be great.

Thanks to Marc, I think the football team is good.

Over the weekend I will write to the small committee I have to help get everything organized that night.

Thanks, Nancy

Nancy McTygue
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