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A huge thank you to Bob Gore, and Trish Riffle for cleaning up the team room on Saturday!  We are off to a great start with Zero Period this week, and Coach Wiley had a chance to observe many of our players this morning as well as work with a couple of the coaches.  He is looking forward to our meeting this evening.

As a reminder we will be meeting tonight in the team room at 7:00 PM.  I think we will have only three agenda items:

  1.  Coach Wiley introduction and Q&A
  2.  Set a date for a Parent/Player meeting over the next 14 days to introduce John to Devil Nation
  3.  CRAB FEED UPDATE...  It is crunch time and we need to get caught up on where everyone is at and walk away with clear goals set for what needs to be done.

Looking forward to seeing all of you tonight!


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Good morning all:

I wanted to give you an update on a few items and get out some information.

As you all know, the school board voted to approve john Wiley as our new Head Football Coach.  Great news, and now that we have an official announcement, I have reached out to Coach Wiley on behalf of the Backers.  I left him a message this morning, and hope to circle back with him later today.  I have extended an invitation to him for our Backers meeting on Monday and our monthly meetings going forward.  I asked him to consider a date that would work to meet with our parents and players, so that we can get the word out.  I know he has already reached out to most of the assistant coaches from last year and I expect that he will be at Zero Period on Monday morning.  I will update all of you as soon as I hear back from Coach.

We are off to a pretty good start for the first two days.  I think we have had around 30 players each morning and Steve Smyte is the official teacher of record.  He has had the help of our strength and conditioning coach Yijie Ge among others and I think for the first two days we are off to a solid start.  Our training table for the first two days has been fairly limited, but we have had fruit, protein bars, and protein powder and milk, which is the most important thing.  Trish also made muffins for all the boys this morning so I think they liked that.  Starting Monday we will get the full training table going and each morning we will have PB&J sandwiches in addition to the other stuff,, and starting toward the end of February we will get rolling with the Friday hot breakfast, but all in good time.

Many of the folks I had last year are going to again help out this year with Zero Period, but I am short a couple of positions.  If you or you know anyone who can commit to preparing and serving on Thursday mornings, I would be very appreciative.  I also need a purchaser, who is the person who procures all of the dry goods (protein powder, cliff bars, fruit, bread, peanut butter, jelly, etc.).  Over the last two years, I have sent a list on Friday with what needed to be purchased and delivered on Monday morning.  Most of the stuff was bought at Costco or Walmart, as we buy in bulk, so if someone is a Costco member it helps.  All of the purchases are reimbursed weekly by Yvette.  This is really vital to the success of the training program, and I would be most appreciative if someone would be willing to volunteer for this.

One of the things I discovered during my early mornings this week is the condition of the team room is absolutely awful.  We need to do a real deep cleaning and get all of the equipment and supplies organized and ready for a new coach.  Trish and I are going to head over there on Saturday at 2 PM, and we would love any and all helpers to really scrub and clean it up, but fair warning there has been food left in there and it looks like critters have been all over the place, so it is not for the faint of heart..  We need a new vacuum for the team room as well, if anyone has one they want to donate.

We have had a good week of activity and selling tickets and I know Trish has had great talks with the Cheer parents.  Tonight we will be selling at the home basketball game and the rugby game, so come out and support that effort if you can.  We still need as many donations and raffle items as we can get.  Please reach out to anyone you can think of from a local business perspective that you think we might have missed and see what you can do.  Lots to do in a short time for the biggest fundraiser of the year…let’s make this happen!  Go sell (and buy) tickets.  The Riffles bout theirs!

Thanks for your dedication to the program and thanks for all you do!  Go Blue Devils!!!


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