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Hi everyone,

I had a phone meeting with the Pacific Auction company today, and here are my notes:

Tickets: Trish

*        They asked that we feed their staff, so that would be giving them 4 tickets.  Let me know if that's an issue.

For auctioneer Mike S.:

*        Very important to follow the sequence of events

*        Close one thing before starting the next one

*        Focus on auction closure, for example when doing the silent auction closure, hold off on making other announcements

*        Drive the silent auction with things like Mothers' Day is coming up, etc.

*        Here is a list of live auction items:

(Listed in order of presentation)





Min bid

Carpenter for a day

Shelly & Marty Morse



$500 for custom framing

Looking Glass



A day at the lake

All expense boat trip day for 4 people

Shelly & Marty Morse



Colin Kapernick Photo

Pacific Auction Company



Golf and Dinner w/ Coach Wiley

Day of golf and dinner with the Head Varsity Coach John Wiley

El Macero Golf Club and Coach John Wiley



Napa wine limo tour

Pacific Auction Company




Especially helmets!  Helmets are $275 each

PAC may need help with the equipment live auction piece in identifying who makes bids.  They will get each person's name, phone and amount, but might need our help to go around and get some of that.

Their staff:

*        Team lead = Lor

*        Additional staff = Long, Bobby and Wendy


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