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Thanks - good to know, so I'll just tell the young men they need to be a
team and trade-off if requested, and to coordinate coverage.

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On 2/14/14 10:19 AM, "Debbie Shoup" <debbie at> wrote:

>OK, thanks.  I would check in with Trish about table assignments, as some
>groups may be interested in particular servers.
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>Thanks, Debbie!
>Anita and I will arrive at 1p to help with set-up.
>Have asked the player/servers (we now have 20) to arrive @ 445p, as they
>will be there for 5 hours. I will assign them by table?
>Rich and I will need to go fetch the player jerseys about 3p.
>Robert J. Gore
>The Gualco Group, Inc.
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