backers Crab Feed Meeting Monday at 6:00 in team room

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Yep next Monday.  Thanks

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You mean next Monday, feb. 24, not tonight...right?


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Hi everyone,

We had a couple of board requests to do a crab feed recap which was a great idea, so let’s go for it Monday from 6-7.  We’ll keep the meeting to 1 hour tops.

If you want, feel free to e-mail me any thoughts/notes and I can compile and bring that along.

Some ideas of possible topics:

·        How did we do on the $$?

·        What did we do well and want to keep for next year

·        What can we improve upon from next year

·        Any feedback from our guests and vendors

·        Please bring any hard or electronic copies of paperwork from this year so we’ll have it for next year

o   Finances – crab feed $ spent/received

o   Food list

o   Anything else

·        Remaining follow up

o   Debbie working on thank you emails for donations, including helmet $$ (let me know if you are writing TY notes to your peeps)

o   Debbie following up on a couple of donation purchases that need to be picked up

o   Debbie following up on getting $$ from donation peeps for golf outing

o   Other items?

I’ll keep all the feedback in our e-library so we’ll have easy access next year.

Usually the auction company (PAC) turns things around pretty fast, so hopefully we will have that before the meeting.

And lastly, I would just like to say what a great pleasure it is working with all of you.  It was very moving to see the room full of our “football family” and to see the Backers work as such a cohesive team to make it all happen.

Thanks, Debbie
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