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Sun Feb 23 14:02:50 PST 2014

Fellow Backers, hello!

My apologies for missing the meeting tomorrow night, but business intrudes.  We have several clients highly impacted by the drought, and the Governor's Office is about to promulgate emergency regulations.

On the Crab Feed, a few considerations:

 1.  Recruit and sell to people who will take a table (8-10 tickets), as the early priority.
 2.  Next year, let's emphasize shoulder pads or the sideline water dispensers (aka "Cows"), and language that permits us to use those donations for ANY piece of equipment.  I have more details on the need for portable water equipment.

Now we need to move on to the Discount Cards. Ideas:

 *   We each need to approach (and sell!) 2-3 sponsors through our personal networks.  I will develop sales points and confirmation/thank you letter.
 *   Card sponsors are part of a package — I do not have Robyn's language from 2013, but it includes a field banner, program ad and home game announcer recognition.  Does anyone have it?
 *   Last year, I handled distribution to the players and collections.  Rich Jenness did artwork and printing — can someone please help with that?
 *   The photo on the card should be a Varsity team picture — the coaches were adamant.
 *   Timeframe — the cards go to the players in late July; we can reverse engineer from that point.
 *   Mandatory. Card sales have been "mandatory" for players, who each sign for a package of 10.  But the definition is fuzzy, and routinely ignored by about one-third of the parents/players.  We need to (a) Determine if sales should be required, and, if so (b) How many cards? How is it enforced? Is there an incentive as opposed to a penalty?

Much of our fund-raising goes to equipment. We appear to have 2014 helmet needs met.  Tentatively, for your evaluation, our equipment priorities may be:

 *   Shoulder pads
 *   Varsity uniform shirts, both home and visitor sets
 *   Knee and thigh pads
 *   Small stuff — belts, assorted repair items (helmet and pads) etc
 *   A contingency fund for significant one-time needs, ie water cows, storage container on the field, warm-up stationary cycle….

Recall that 2014 fund-raising is an interim effort.  As we approach 2015, in Oct-Nov or thereabouts, we will need to formalize a coordinated program.

Thanks for listening,

Robert J. Gore
The Gualco Group, Inc.
500 Capitol Mall, Suite 2600
Sacramento, CA 95814
Office: 916-441-1392
Cell: 916-501-8104

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