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I apologize but I will not be able to make tomorrow meeting.  My wife is out of town therefor leaving the responsibility of taking my son to basketball practice left with me.  

I will be on campus Thursday for open house.

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> Fellow Backers, hello!
> My apologies for missing the meeting tomorrow night, but business intrudes.  We have several clients highly impacted by the drought, and the Governor's Office is about to promulgate emergency regulations.
> On the Crab Feed, a few considerations:
> 1.  Recruit and sell to people who will take a table (8-10 tickets), as the early priority.
> 2.  Next year, let's emphasize shoulder pads or the sideline water dispensers (aka "Cows"), and language that permits us to use those donations for ANY piece of equipment.  I have more details on the need for portable water equipment.
> Now we need to move on to the Discount Cards. Ideas:
> *   We each need to approach (and sell!) 2-3 sponsors through our personal networks.  I will develop sales points and confirmation/thank you letter.
> *   Card sponsors are part of a package — I do not have Robyn's language from 2013, but it includes a field banner, program ad and home game announcer recognition.  Does anyone have it?
> *   Last year, I handled distribution to the players and collections.  Rich Jenness did artwork and printing — can someone please help with that?
> *   The photo on the card should be a Varsity team picture — the coaches were adamant.
> *   Timeframe — the cards go to the players in late July; we can reverse engineer from that point.
> *   Mandatory. Card sales have been "mandatory" for players, who each sign for a package of 10.  But the definition is fuzzy, and routinely ignored by about one-third of the parents/players.  We need to (a) Determine if sales should be required, and, if so (b) How many cards? How is it enforced? Is there an incentive as opposed to a penalty?
> Much of our fund-raising goes to equipment. We appear to have 2014 helmet needs met.  Tentatively, for your evaluation, our equipment priorities may be:
> *   Shoulder pads
> *   Varsity uniform shirts, both home and visitor sets
> *   Knee and thigh pads
> *   Small stuff — belts, assorted repair items (helmet and pads) etc
> *   A contingency fund for significant one-time needs, ie water cows, storage container on the field, warm-up stationary cycle….
> Recall that 2014 fund-raising is an interim effort.  As we approach 2015, in Oct-Nov or thereabouts, we will need to formalize a coordinated program.
> Thanks for listening,
> Bob
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