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John Wiley wiley7927 at
Thu Mar 13 11:43:19 PDT 2014

yes please change.  You are correct it is only for football coaches.

On Thursday, March 13, 2014 10:52 AM, Debbie Shoup <debbie at> wrote:
Thanks Coach Wiley for the quick turnaround of the football calendar. 
For the rest of the board: would you all mind double-checking the attached calendar?  Nancy & Mary, once we have that it will be ready for posting on the web site.   Thanks again for doing that. 
The changes from our meeting Tuesday night look great.  I have only one small clarification request and that is about the April 11 listing of “UCLA Football Clinic” – this is for coaches, right?  Is it OK if we change the description to be, “UCLA Football Coaches Clinic”? 
Oh, and I don’t see Yvette’s birthday in there, but I guess we can let that one slide.  J 
Thanks, Debbie   
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